This is Me
This is Me! is a new program in development using theatre as its form building children’s self esteem and self belief in who they are, as well as developing healthy communication with others. The program is being developed by Michelle Buckley, an experienced educator and teacher of children.

Michelle holds a Master of Education in Early Childhood Education as well as being a trained creative, in Acting. Michelle is passionate about childhood development and education through the Arts. Previously, Michelle has run her own early childhood music business and currently tutors speech and drama, teaches improvisation as well as developing This is Me! for middle to upper primary school-aged children.

This is Me! brings the acting world to the “stuff” that just happens to kids in their everyday world. With a group of others, children role-play a story they would like to change. After discussion, the story is then re-played based on the child’s ideal. Using images and forum theatre, the story is worked toward a more positive outcome for those involved. Kids get to practice how to respond to others in a safe environment, improving their communication abilities and engaging their creative selves. Together with others, children are empowered to find solutions to their everyday problems while feeling good about themselves.

Michelle is also passionate about multi-aging, an educational teaching and learning philosophy focussed on the individual. She is currently writing articles for publication on the topic, drawn from her thesis research.