For kids

Hey kids – thanks for joining me!

Some of you may know or remember me from Stomper Room.

Or maybe you were so little you don’t remember but your parents can ignite your memory! For others, you may be new to me. Either way, welcome.

So navigate your way through this little site but pretty simply, there is this blog where we can chat and interact as I post. Also, there is my You Tube channel which is really yet to get underway, but maybe for now, you have a little brother or sister who would like to watch my Play School clips. Soon, both will be places we can engage with each other and this will continue to grow.

But for now, I want to share with you my new work idea and mission, and see what you think. Why would you want to engage with me??

So what’s my work mission?

Okay, so have you ever thought to yourself,

“Why did they say that to me?”

and then maybe thought…

“What did they mean?”

or maybe someone once said something to you and at the time, all you were wishing and thinking was,

“Be quiet!” because you didn’t like what they were saying.

And did this maybe leave you feeling a bit unsure about who you are?

Well, this happened to me as a kid and I started to not like things about me and think maybe I wasn’t “right”. Yet what is right? I learnt to not value what made me different to others because they’d been pointed out to me like they were wrong. So I thought I “normal”. Yet what is normal? Normal for one person can be different to normal for another. There is no normal because we are all different to each other. We are all valuable and unique in our own special way.

And yes for sure, there’s certainly types of people, like those that love the outdoors/those that don’t, those that love music and/or rock concerts/those that don’t, those that are into science and math/those that aren’t. We gravitate toward and make friends with those similar to us in some way – maybe it’s a shared interest or liking similar things to us, or thinking about things in a similar way. But on a physical level, we are different and at the end of the day, no one is going to be exact same as us. Even twins are different! So if we can we accept who we are and not compare ourselves to others as some kind of standard to be, we can get on with having more fun in life! Sounds simple but it isn’t always…

So what do I want to do? Okay, so do you love drama, acting and being creative? Well I do too. I’ve done oodles of acting training and workshops, as well as working with kids through theatre and music. I just loooove working with kids and want to bring the acting world to you. Through acting, we can role-play the “stuff” that just happens in your lives, but then work it and re-play it with a different ending. One based on how you would really like things to be. You get to practise how to respond to people and have your voice heard. The idea is not to solve problems, but find solutions together through theatre that keeps you feeling good about yourself. What do you reckon? Sound good?

When I look back on when I was a kid, boy do I wish I had something like this. If I had someone to talk to at least, I could of thought a whole lot differently about what was said to me. Instead I bottled it up and you don’t need that!

So….. tell me what you think and answer some of questions here. How old are you? Would you like to join a group? I’m just about to finish working with a group of girls testing out the idea online (see What’s Hot), but next year I’ll be down in Melbourne to do this face-to face and can continue running groups online.

I’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment here and don’t forget to pop over to my You Tube channel. Subscribe now for future uploads as they happen.

Bye for now!

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